I call it Stone Love.


“The Inaugural Cruise” 

On the debut marathon-length episode of The Mezzanine, Andrew, Lar, Casey and Mike feel out the idea of “podcast” and play hot music from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Big dogs kicking back. Topics discussed: Adderal rap, Genghis Khan, Goo Goo Dolls, “Ratatouille,” ambient music, quote-unquote indie rock and of course, all things #based.


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Track list:

Metro Zu - “Buddha Therapy” (3:53)

John Oven the Millennials - “Don’t Kill Themselves” (12:01) 

Keyboard Kid - “Iri5” (20:34)

Main Attrakionz - “Focalin” (29:55)

Main Attrakionz - “Young as Fuck II” (34:57)

Legato Bebop - “Empathy for Children” (43:03)

Sax G feat. Tennessee Williams - “Lose a Dollar” (50:11)

Battles - “White Electric” (Shabazz Palaces remix) (55:13)

Lil B - “BasedGod F___ed My B____es” (1:04:11)

Lissie Trullie - “Madeleine” (1:16:46)

BJ The Chicago Kid feat. Kendrick Lamar - “His Pain” (1:23:52)

Greenfield - “Age & Character” (1:32:42)

"Let me tell you bout this feelin."



Bobby Brown.

Be realistic.